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Q&A with Bryan Lynch - All Business!

What’s your favourite part of being a business owner/entrepreneur?

I don’t like the word entrepreneur – people think you’re a step above the mark. The credit we get for the work we do is one of my favourite parts of it. Employing people, being involved in local projects and local charities – it’s nice to be able to throw back.

What tools do you utilise that benefit your customers or that make running your business easier or more profitable?

We use a lot of software and accounts packaging to see where we’re going, whether we’re making money or not. We’ve re-branded everything over the last couple of years, which was a big plus for us. We have our own uniqueness as well. We have certain products that nobody else is putting out there in the market.

What part of running a business comes to you naturally?

Product development and sales. The best man to sell your own stuff is the man himself that makes it. They’re the two areas that would be like water off a duck’s back for me.

What has been the best reward in running your own business?

Brand recognition for us is a great reward. We are selling some of our products nationwide at present, and that gives us massive drive.

How do you get ideas to further your business?

I keep looking about and listening to people. I try and see something different in the market; see something somebody else is not doing and have a good look at that. Look, listen and think. Since I started out peeling my first spuds, I’ve done nothing else but food. My passion would be for food, full stop.

What, if anything, would you do differently?

I would rebuild the building again. It’s too small at the minute, even after putting on an extension. Inside I’m grand, but I’m tight enough for space on the outside. You can never have enough space.

What would be your advice to businesses starting out?

I would say always be looking at the competition and see what’s happening in their area and see what differentiates you from them, e.g. the packaging or the product. Find a niche and see that you’re not all making the same kind of stuff. Look out there and see what’s happening.

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