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Find out about the changes Lynch Salads made in order to cope with COVID-19

We’re living in a pandemic for over one year now, what changes did Lynch Salads endure due to COVID-19?

Over the past 12 months we have had to change our production process to separate staff with social distance, implement screens between staff and reduce some of our product range to have a safe working environment for our staff. We implemented new regulations to protect staff and ensure our products remained the same high quality.

How has the company coped with production during COVID-19?

Our production has increased on our core products range over the last 12 months as people are eating and experimenting with different foods while working and staying at home. As previous mentioned we reduced some salads to keep production safe but the core salads increased.

Looking back to 2019 – if you knew what 2020 had in store, how would you prepare your business for a pandemic?

Not much would have changed for us, as we have regulations to adhere to from the NEHB, Food Safety Authority of Ireland & EIQA. Its still vitally important to our staff and business that we keep the COVID 19 out of our premises and so far we have managed to do that 100%. I would have liked to have more space for production but it’s a volatile and complexed time.

We’ve had to adapt to new ways of working and communicating – how has your internal processes changed in relation to how you work and communicate with your stockists?

We always had a great system here when communicating with our customers between our Tele-Sales Team and our Sales Team that are delivering to our customers daily. This system was in place even before we heard of COVID 19 so you could say we were advanced with communicating with our customers.

Are there any processes or ways of working you will continue to operate with going forward, that were not in place before the pandemic?

Yes, we have implemented some new measures, and they have worked very effectively. Change is good and in the Food industry you are always adapting some all is positive.

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